dusters cowgirl magazine

dusters cowgirl magazine

Dusters have come quite a long way since the old west (think Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer in 1993’s Tombstone above).  As handsome as these gentlemen looked, the following leading ladies from Turquoise Haven have really put their own spin on things to help give you that little extra dramatic flair for any outfit.


Photo courtesy of Turquoise Haven

This Aztec duster is a favorite. Those spring colors have us wishing for warmer weather and thankful for that lightweight fabric!


Photo courtesy ThreeTwoBrand Photography

Okay, okay I will admit I am still one of those people that has yet to get with the times and I still go by the old “black and brown make a frown” rule, EXCEPT when it comes to cheetah. This cheetah print duster will match anything and I LOVE it!

Photo courtesy Punchy’s

Turquoise Haven…turquoise duster…what could be better? NOTHING. Find this beauty at Punchy’s store in Hamilton or Stephenville, Texas or purchase it online!

Photo courtesy of Punchy’s

Strut your stuff in this floor-length red duster! This too can be found in the Cowboy Capital at Punchy’s. Happy shopping, ladies!