Discover your own brilliant fashion equation with fall’s smart jackets, kinetic fringe, and radiant boots that will lift your spirits faster than the speed of light.

Union of Angels black turtleneck., 800.411.3211. Lone Eagle Studios turquoise necklaces, $679, $1279. or Cowboys and Indians of Santa Fe. Roja Moonlight Rhythm mirror skirt., 281.703.5814. Boot Rugs Geronimo Collection with leather fringe, $150., 325.212.7544. Durango black slouch boot, $144.99.

Union of Angels Guiliana faux suede fringe dress.,$125, 800.411.3211. Lane Rock On Boots, $410., 888.302.6687. Double J Saddlery leather cuff, $60., 800.669.2535

JK Brand red deerskin shawl, $2708., 303.908.3459. Double J Saddlery leather cuffs, $60, $120., 800.669.2535.

Morris Kaye & Son’s dyed purple mink jacket, $6995., 214.631.0804. Union of Angels Lexi black leather pants $118., 800.411.3211 Lone Eagle Studios amethyst necklace $795. or Cowboys and Indians of Santa Fe.

Kippys Tattoo Overlay aviation jacket with beaver collar, $3235., 619.435.6218×1. Union of Angels Aztec sequin skirt, $110., 800.411.3211.

Kippys Cubic Enigma motojacket in abstract tan, $2985., 619.435.6218×1. Union of Angels Guiliana faux suede fringe skirt., 800.411.3211. Double D by Lane Ammunition Boots, $790., 888.302.6687. Kippys Metric Ember Chameleon tote bag, $1600., 619.435.6218×1.

Montecristi Custom Hat Works black hat with beaded brim and hatband, $2625., 505.983.9598. Roja Red Reflection bell sleeve tunic., 281.703.5814.

Photographed by Ken Amorosano

Styled by Callan Loessberg

Makeup and hair by Julie Koeth

Fashion Coordination by Madison Freed

Modeling by Brianna Lucia of The Agency AZ