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Goooooood morning! It is the start of a new week, a new year, and a new day. As we’ve all heard, the way we start our mornings sets us up for the rest of the day. Mornings are important, to say the least.

The first part of your morning starts with waking up. And on early mornings, that is the most difficult part. It doesn’t have to be though!

There are ways to make waking up early easier on yourself. With most goals, it starts with your mentality.

Be Excited to Wake Up

Your morning can start the night before by being excited to wake up. Sleep in braids to be excited to undo them for beautiful waves. Buy a new coffee brand to try out. Pick out an outfit you’re going to feel confident in. Make an overnight breakfast recipe. Trying something new will give you a reason to get out of bed!

Don’t Hit Snooze

Hitting snooze automatically puts a sour thought about waking up in your head. It tells yourself you do not want to get up and go about your day. It also has been proven that hitting snooze makes you drowsier than when you just wake up.

Only Think Positive

It is the cliche we always hear, but it’s so true! The difference between “I’m excited to start the day” and “I want to go back to bed,” is astounding. It’s a mood change you will take with you throughout the day.

How does one “think positively?” You can start off by listing what you’re grateful for, repeating daily affirmations, or redirecting your mind every time a negative thought invades.

Give Yourself 5 Minutes

Sit up in your bed and give yourself five minutes. Rub your eyes, stretch your arms and take a few deep breaths. This allows your body and mind to wake up. Now you’re ready to get up and get to it! Just don’t let those negative thoughts catch you. 😉

Begin a Morning Routine

Create a morning routine you want and can follow every day. It is important to find what works for you and even makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Some people journal, some create to-do lists, some work out, some get to work immediately… the list goes on and on. The morning is yours to shape!