If you’re looking to get into gardening but are stumped on what should you grow and how you should grow it, we’re here to help make the gardening process a little easier. We’ve made a list of the easiest produce you can grow in your garden.


This juicy produce is one of the most popular veggies and easiest to grow and maintain. According to Treehugger, cherry tomatoes are the best tomatoes to start with because, “You have to worry less about issues like splitting or blossom end rot. Tomatoes will even be fine with a bit of neglect.” So if you’re on-the-go a lot, these may be your perfect product.


Photography courtesy of FOTOLIA/NEMESIS2207

These veggies grow easily from seeds so they will be easy to plant whether you choose a pot, container or directly in the soil. According to Serious Eats, “Zucchinis grow so prolifically that they’re the butt of many a gardener’s joke.” So, there you have it. Easy, peasy.


Different types of lettuce grow differently depending on the type of climate your located in. Plant Finder suggests growing Crisphead lettuce in colder climates, though it’s not impossible to grow it in a hot summer climate, you just have to time it out right.


There’s nothing like freshly-picked strawberries. Strawberries do need to be planted a particular way, though, for them to fully grow and ripen accordingly. Thompson & Morgan advises to avoid planting them in too deeply or they are subject to rot.


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If you’re climate has a long, hot summer then this may be the best fruit for you to grow. According to The National Gardening Association, it’s best to plant fig trees at least 20 feet from building and other trees.


These delicious berries that are easily to incorporate into salads and desserts are also pretty easy to grow. Southern Living says, “Blueberries need plenty of sun and moist, well-drained soil. “ Make sure you keep a close eye on these berries to ensure they get enough hydration.