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Indoor plants can transform any space to a green oasis, with improved air quality! But if you are like me, plants just happen to die all around you. Cacti and succulents have been a safe bet for years. But, with a little research, focus and care, you can incorporate these easy to care for houseplants in to your rooms. And a little bonus: all of these plants are safe for your pets! Cats and dogs can play and bite these plants, with out any worry of future vet bills. So grab your pots and soil and get house-planting!

Ponytail Palm

Let’s be honest, the long, free flowing leaves are the perfect cat toy. And with this house sized palm, you do not have to worry about your furry friend swatting about. The Ponytail Palm is easy to care for and incredibly forgiving. They can thrive in the same pot for years, yay for no repotting!
Ponytail Palm. Photo courtesy
Light: bright, indirect sunlight Water: keep soil fairly dry; let soil dry out between waterings

Spider Plant

Similar to the leaves of the Ponytail Palm, the Spider Plant’s leaves can be a fun and safe toy for your pets. The spider plant is among the easiest indoor plants to grow. You can even plant new baby spiders from the buds of the mother plant.
Spider Plant. Photo courtesy
Light: medium to bright, indirect sunlight Water: weekly; let soil dry between waterings

Air Plants

These plants are so easy, they do not even need soil. Although not toxic, pets love to chew on these small, free growing plants, so keep them out of reach. When watering my air plants, I pop them in the base of my shower weekly, no fuss, no mess!
Air Plants. Photo courtesy
Light: bright, direct sunlight Water: weekly; place in tub and let soak, then remove and shake dry

Polka Dot Plants

This pet-friendly plant almost looks like it has colorful veins! Available in pinks and whites, the Polka Dot Plant stays small in containers and pair well with other low maintenance indoor plants. This plant can easily survive in low light, but if you want to prevent tendrils sprouting out to search for the light, keep in sunlight.
Polka Dot Plant. Photo courtesy
Light: indirect, bright sunlight Water: keep soil slightly moist

Bird’s Nest Ferns

If you have no bright sunlight in your home, the easy to care for Bird’s Nest Fern is your plant. Bonus, these ferns can grow pretty much anywhere, so break out those funky pots and plant away!
Bird’s Nest Fern. Photo courtesy
Light: low to medium Water: weekly When you bring your new indoor plant home, make sure to make them a DIY Southwestern-Inspired Gardening Pot, happy gardening!