eco-friendly barn cowgirl magazine

All horse farm owners have a responsibility to the environment. They should strive to run a barn that is eco-friendly. This includes protecting lakes, streams, forests, and the surrounding areas. Check out these simple ideas your can implement, if you haven’t already!

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Barn

  • Control invasive plants on your property.
  • When using fertilizers and pesticides, make sure to store and apply them carefully. The labels should have detailed directions.
  • Dispose of chemicals appropriately.
  • Store manure on a cement pad or compacted soil.
  • Keep the manure pile away from creeks, streams, lakes, etc…
  • Have your manure removed 1x or 2x a year.
  • Manage your pastures in order to avoid bare soil.
  • Horses should be kept away from water features with tall grass or brush separating their field from the creek, stream, lake, or wetland.
  • Try to keep your horses off your septic system.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting in the barn and outdoor facilities.
  • Make sure to have natural ventilation (like windows and cupolas) in your barn.
  • Collect rainwater with cisterns or rain barrels.
  • Only use paints with low-VOC.
  • Create a recycling system.
  • Reuse and repurpose items.
  • Invite birds and bats to your facility for natural bug control.
  • Hire a barn cat for rodent removal.

Maintaining a horse barn doesn’t have to be environmentally damaging. You can reduce your footprint with these simple ideas. What do you do you be more eco-friendly?