Cowgirl - Dandruff

Cowgirl - Dandruff

There’s nothing more unsightly than white flakes of dandruff clustered throughout your horse’s mane! This dry condition can be itchy and uncomfortable for them on top of it. Some may be more prone to these flakes of dead skin than others. You can put an end to dandruff with some extra care and attention.

First, make sure your horse doesn’t have any underlying medical issues. While dandruff is usually rather harmless, it is important to have your vet exam your horse to make sure it’s nothing more serious.

You must tackle the inside and outside to successfully rid this problem. To begin, take a look at your horse’s diet. Is he getting enough fat? Fat is known for promoting healthy skin. Supplements such as sunflower seeds, corn oil, and flax seed help him get the necessary essentials for moist skin.

Check your grooming regiment. When it gets warmer and you begin to show, you might start bathing a lot more frequently. This can take a toll on his mane and dry out his skin. Even as much as 2 times or more a month can trigger dandruff. On the other hand, not bathing enough can cause a buildup of grim and dirt, which holds onto the dead skin and makes his mane look flaky.

To combat this troubled mane, you should first identify if he needs his mane to be washed. Has it been a while? There are special medicated products to help reduce dandruff in horses or you can try something more natural like oatmeal shampoo or tea tree oil. You must rinse thoroughly.

Massaging a moisturizer into the base of the mane can help with those that have dry skin. Products like mineral or Vitamin E oil will help tremendously. Other horse owners use solutions as simple as Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

Cure dandruff in your horse’s mane so he can be more comfortable and look his best!