Cowgirl - Frozen Water Buckets

As temperatures begin to drop keeping your horse’s water bucket from freezing can become a real headache. Frozen water buckets impede your horse’s ability to keep hydrated. Thin sheets of ice slowly creep over and before you know it the whole thing is a frozen block. Whether your companion is kept in a stall or paddock, these products and tips will make your cold days a little brighter.Cowgirl - Frozen Water Buckets

There are quite a few manual options for those without electric. It is smart to change the water 3-4 times throughout the day. You can crush the ice with a mallet and than use a strainer to scoop out the pieces. Some recommend adding small quantities of hot water. And depending on how cold it is a floating ball can create movement and prevent ice from forming.

Another great, non-electric option is insulated water bucket holders. The Insulated Bucket Holder from High Country has a unique design that includes a float. The horse can nudge the float to access water, which keeps it circulating.

This Heated Flat-Back Bucket has a coil that comes out of the back to prevent a horse from chewing on it. It easily hangs in your horse’s stall and require 130 watts of power. A popular option among horse owners, this bucket is simple and easy to use for those with electricity.

Efficient and safe, the Submergible Tank De-Icer can be used in plastic or steel water troughs. It requires 1500 watts of power to run, but only operates when necessary.

With these amazing products and manual tips, I’m confident you’ll be able to keep frozen water buckets a thing of the past! If you have more tricks, share them with our readers!