It’s true that all sorts of people ride and love horses, even famous ones like Elvis Presley. He didn’t just enjoy a horse or two. Elvis had an entire 163-acre Mississippi ranch that he named Circle G. This ranch became his place of refuge and tranquility. The King of Rock and Roll was a passionate equestrian!

Source: Elvis Australia

The first horse Elvis purchased was Domino, a 4-year-old Quarter Horse, for Priscilla. She turned out to be a natural rider! Soon after, Elvis wanted a horse of his own. He traveled to different farms looking for a golden one. A big palomino Quarter Horse was located and became his personal mount. He renamed the horse to Rising Sun. He also named the barn, House of the Rising Sun, after the horse. Elvis rode his horse hard, but always took great care to cool him down properly.

The King continued to purchase more horses. In fact, he bought them for his friends and bodyguards. Eventually, his herd outgrew the grounds of Graceland (his 13.8-acre estate). This is when he purchased the ranch Circle G.

Some of the Horses at Circle G & Graceland

Colonel Midnight– A black Tennessee Walking Horse

Bear– Tennessee Walking Horse

Mare Ingram– Grade mare

Others included– Beauty, Big Red, Buckshot, El Poco, Flaming Star, Golden Sun, Lady, Moriah, Memphis, Scout, Star Trek, Sundown, Thundercloud, and Traveler.

Elvis loved how the Tennessee Walking Horses moved. He thought they were beautiful to watch and amazing to ride.

Unfortunately, the ranch lifestyle faded and Circle G was sold in 1969. A few of the horses made it back to Graceland. When Elvis passed, the five remaining horses were left untouched. It wasn’t until Alene Alexander, a racking horse trainer, that the horses were noticed. She brought them back to excellent condition and even showed one.

Horses will always be apart of Elvis Presley’s fast and furious life.

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