embroidered shorts cowgirl

Embroidered Denim Shorts Cowgirl Magazine

It’s happening cowgirls, the days are getting longer and temperatures are heating up! There isn’t much a cowgirl can do to save herself from the heat while she’s riding and working on the ranch, but there are many ways to stay cool during those treasured moments of downtime.

Embroidered shorts are trending fast and are the perfect clothing choice for the cowgirl who wants to beat the heat all while showing off her unique personality.

As a cowgirl myself, I’m a huge fan of  having floral patterns on my clothing which is why embroidered shorts, such as the shorts pictured above, are always a great option for the warmer months of the year; this is the type of clothing I’d wear on vacation, to the lake, or even just to relax in on a Sunday afternoon.

Browse through the following slideshow to find a perfect pair of shorts to wear this upcoming summer!