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For the first time in several decades on Daufuskie Island, a Marsh Tacky filly was welcomed into the world! This is a major event, as less than 450 Marsh Tackies are believed to exist today.

The breed is exclusive to South Carolina, and boasts a colorful, rich history, “The Marsh Tacky is a unique strain/breed of Colonial Spanish Horse found only in South Carolina and is one of the most endangered horse breeds in the world. They once roamed freely by the hundreds through the South Carolina Sea Islands and Lowcountry but their numbers neared extinction as tractors, trucks, and development took the place of horsepower. Today, there are around 400 Marsh Tackies left. In 2007, the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association was formed to preserve the breed and share its history. Horse owners and enthusiasts are diligently working to save the breed from extinction.  DNA tests have been performed on the remaining horses and a breed registry has been developed by the Livestock Conservancy.  In honor of its long history in the state, the Marsh Tacky was named the South Carolina State Heritage Horse in 2010.”

Marsh Tackies are known for their calm demeanors; they are not phased by unexpected situations, which is why they are such a dependable horse.

Now that everyone understands how incredible Marsh Tackies are, it’s time to meet the newborn filly!