PC: Endo the Blind

Some stories are so incredible they bring tears to your eyes! The journey of Endo and Morgan is remarkable. This duo beat the odds and overcame huge barriers. Unfortunately, Endo had to have both eyes removed because of a condition called moon blindness. Check out this gelding’s story!

The duo met when the gelding was just a few days old and Morgan was thirteen. Her grandmother allowed her to pick out any horse in the field to become her own. There was something special about Endo even as a young foal.

This was Morgan’s first horse and she knew nothing about riding. Together, they learned the basics!

When Endo was eight years old, he began having trouble with his eyes. He was diagnosed with Equine Recurrent Uveitis, glaucoma and cataracts.

Even after various therapies, his eyes couldn’t be saved. The gelding’s right eye ruptured and he was in a lot of pain. The best option was to remove the eye. After the surgery, Endo was terrified. He shook in his stall the whole night. Morgan, faithfully, stayed with him.

Around 6 months later, he lost his left eye. Fortunately, Morgan had been preparing for this day. She spent time blindfolding him so he’d grown comfortable with the darkness.

Morgan bought Endo a companion pony named Cinnamon to help him through this process. Nowadays, they share a stall together and are attached at the hip.

What’s life like for Endo and Morgan? Well, they do everything together! There’s no stopping the two. This brave gelding travels all over the United States and Canada. He competes, jumps, does trail rides, and liberty work.

Follow their journey on Instagram at @endotheblind.morgan!