It’s common knowledge that to marry a cowgirl you have to at least like horses. These stunning engagement pictures show you a little more than that! These grooms aren’t afraid to make their future wives happy by posing with a horse or two.

I think this groom is just as western as his cowgirl fiancee. The hats and boots top off this adorable photo shoot for a lovely horse-lovin’ family!

Who wouldn’t want to pose with a handsome fellow like this paint horse? This couple has some adorable pictures to look back on!

This western couple is having a backyard wedding, which makes these engagement photos so fitting. They represent everything there is to love about the country- horses, cowboy hats, boots, hay, and a sunset in the background.

The landscape on this picture is beautiful! Wide open land, cattle, and a horse make it the perfect western-themed shoot. Not to mention, the love between these two people.

Here’s something a little different! I love how unique this picture is. The boots and horse’s hooves really set the mood.

Would you have a horse-themed engagement photo shoot? True cowgirls know how to answer that one! A definite yes!

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