Photos courtesy of Jynnifer Lacy Photography……

This engagement session by Jynnifer Lacy Photography is pure perfection! Kait and Clint ran away with their photographer on a mini Oklahoma adventure the results are breathtaking!

“As a farmers daughter, I’ve been deeply rooted in agriculture since I was born. I grew up working on my family’s crop farm in Illinois and was an active member of the FFA. I moved to Texas about 4 years ago to continue my education in agriculture communication and obtained my master’s degree in Agricultural Consumer and Sciences from Tarleton. Shortly after, I accepted a job at NRS Trailers as their Marketing Manager.

“Clint grew up in southwest Oklahoma on his family’s ranch riding colts and helping his dad with their performance horse operation. He also was an active member of the FFA and went on to study animal science and compete on the rodeo team at Oklahoma State University. Clint made his way to Texas and accepted a job as a salesmen at NRS Trailers just a month after I started.

“Our love for agriculture led us to our jobs and our jobs led us to each other. What I love about our story is that we became friends long before we started dating and I truly believe that’s why we work. We get along so well because we both were raised by the backbone of this country – cowboys and farmers – thus our morals, work ethic, and love for agriculture align with one another’s.

“As we plan our wedding, we intend on staying true to our roots and keeping it both simple and western. We wanted our engagement pictures to reflect our love for the outdoors and where we were raised, therefore we traveled back to Oklahoma where Clint was raised.

“When picking a photographer – I knew I wanted/needed someone who not only shared our love for the outdoors and agriculture, but who was also down for an adventure. Lacy Dickey and I have been friends for more than 4 years now and she is one of the best photographers I know. She always goes above and beyond to get the best shots and truly captures the best of the best when it comes to western and wild life.” -Kait Corzine

Lacy of Jynnifer Lacy Photography said on her social channels, “HOLY ENGAGEMENT PHOTO GOALS YALL Kait & Clint, this was by far one of my favorites sessions I’ve ever done. I had so much fun with you both and I am so happy for you guys . Clients/ couples : Always, ALWAYSSSSS ask me to run away and go on adventure with you. Because the result is

All photos from this engagement session courtesy of Jynnifer Lacy Photography

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