A gorgeous view of wild mustangs.

Engler Canyon Ranch is home to wild horses, rescue animals, and various grassland projects. This beautiful 22,000-acre paradise is located near Trinchera, CO. It boasts open plains, lush meadows, forested hills, and a year-round water source. What an amazing place!

Wild horses can enjoy their freedom at this special sanctuary. They’re protected and no longer have to live in the confines of tiny pens.

In addition to horses, burros are welcome. There are six lucky BLM burros that are able to call the ranch home after spending many years in holding pens.

One of the missions of Engler Canyon Ranch is to help the public connect with nature. They offer volunteer opportunities and retreats.

You can get lost in the beauty of this place. It’s refuge to over 100 displaced mustangs and burros.

Find out how you can help this nonprofit organization by visiting englercanyonranch.com. You can also follow their Instagram to see more beautiful pictures @englercanyon.

Now’s your chance! Get involved and help save wild horses.