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Although travel plans to hotels and cities may be on hold, escape on wheels this summer. Enjoy what the roads and trails have to offer. Whether on the rodeo road, or spending a night horse camping, these gadgets and gizmos will make your horse travel much more comfortable. 

Roofnest Falcon

Roofnest Falcon, $3395,

 Any where your car will take you, your great night of sleep will follow with the Roofnest Falcon. This all aluminum roof top tent will keep you close to your horse, keep you out of the dirt and make it easy for you to tuck in. The Falcon easily installs on all cars, is fully waterproof and makes the commute from driver to sleeper less than a minute. 

Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag, $49.95,

Do not sacrifice clean clothes. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a pocket-sized, lightweight washing machine. All you need is a few liters of water (stream, hose, trough), a bit of soap and in 3 minutes your clothes will be clean. 

Hooey’s “Mule” Backpack

Hooey “Mule” Khaki, $100,

Never crush your cowboy hat again. Hooey’s “Mule” backpacks have a patented Hooey Hat Strap and  external boot pocket to easily pack all your cowboy gear for your horse travels.

Water Purifying Bottle

Brita Premium 26oz Filtering Water Bottle, $19.99,

I like my water clean, what can I say?! This compact Brita Water bottle will clean up any tap water of odor, taste and chlorine. And its reusable, so there will be no waste when you leave your campground.

Collapsible 5 Gallon Bucket

Esthesia 5 Gallon Bucket Multifunctional Portable, $12.99,

Compact is the name of the game when it comes to buckets. Collapsible buckets will free up space and can be used for carrying horse water, as a catch basin or for goods storage. I like the fabric pails so they can be easily rolled and carried on your rides to make off-road horse travel easier.

Where ever the road (or trail) takes you, take a little glamping with you. And don’t forget to try these Campfire Recipes, gourmet to go!