An equine enrichment activity helps stimulate your horse’s mind through interaction. There are a few different ways to go about it. Some popular approaches include rope toys, objects that dispense treats, items that make sounds, etc… It can be a fun way to bust boredom or even slow down a fast eater.

What kind of horses can benefit from enrichment activities?

  • Laid up from an injury
  • Stall kept because of the weather
  • Those in a smaller dry lot
  • Retired horses
  • Those that need desensitizing
  • Horses that are bored
  • Quick eaters

How do you create one?

  1. Locate a small kid’s pool
  2. Place some hay pellets or feed on the bottom
  3. Include dog or kid-safe toys (some can even squeak)
  4. Use toys that also entice like a horse ball that dispenses treats

You’ll want to start with only a few toys. Be careful with any sound ones, as they can cause a big reaction. You don’t want to frighten your horse.

Check out this video to see this enrichment activity being put to use by some curious horses.

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