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Cowgirl Hotlist

Adding the right art to your home can be a long and slow process. Art can be expensive but it’s absolutely worth the investment. Here is a collection of equestrian pieces from around the web with a slight vintage touch. These neutral tones are nicely balanced and can blend nicely with just about any room. Above, a metal shadowbox horse head sculpture is rustic and unique. It’s also very affordable (priced under $25.00). Hang this on a bright or light colored wall. Purchase the metal wall hanging >  A vintage looking canvas with a silhouette of a horse and cursive writing. It’s a beautiful piece and if you have some artistic ability you could also try to make your own. Purchase the canvas >  This driftwood horse head would be perfect for a coastal dwelling or a charming cabin in the woods. Purchase the horse head >  I am a big fan of large planked art behind the couch or in a focal point of the room. This piece is artistic and a statement for sure. Purchase the piece >  Sculptures like this look great in unexpected places. Hang this horse head above a bar cart or in a hallway. Purchase the horse head >  Iron running horse art coated with green patina, it reminds me of a weathervane. Purchase the piece >  This vintage print is beautiful! But if you want a really unique piece of art, take a photo of your own horse and have it blown up and put on your wall in black and white or sepia. Purchase the print >  Wood is always a great alternative to canvas. Purchase the piece >