Equestrian Wonder Woman Cowgirl Magazine

Who said that Wonder Woman couldn’t be an equestrian? Kellie White Rettinger recently set out to defy the norm and inspire children dressed as a popular superhero, accompanied by one of her trusty steeds.

“This past weekend I had the chance to be Wonder Woman at an event called Horse Fest at the Lake MetroParks FarmPark in Kirtland, Ohio. I had a meet and greet with children prior to a performance as Wonder Woman on my horse. I was able to inspire children and people of all ages and teach them what Wonder Woman stands for. Wisdom, wonder, power, and courage. It was an absolutely wonderful time and something that I want to continue to do on a grander scale. Inspiring people with my horses is something that is very important to me and sharing my love of horses with the world. I know this may seem a little unorthodox as a cowgirl, but cowgirl’s come in all different shapes, sizes, and different disciplines. But we all have one thing in common, spreading knowledge, inspiring, and being a good person and helping whenever we can.” -Kellie White Rettinger

Kellie has surely been busy being an inspiration. Earlier this year, she performed at the famous Road to the Horse event in Lexington, Kentucky, where she thrilled audiences with her beautiful team of Percheron horses.

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