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Start this new year off by becoming the rider you want to be! That usually means being fit and healthy. A solid workout will set you up for success. Equestrians need to target their legs, glutes, and core, in order to improve their riding. It’s doesn’t have to be a complicated workout; in fact, it can be done right at home without any equipment!

Being a fit rider usually means having toned muscles, good balance, and lasting endurance. Some exercises to get you there include various squats, lunges, kicks, and plank positions. It won’t be easy at first, but with determination you’ll start seeing a difference in a few weeks.

Try this 20-Minute Home Workout

The Horse Learner Fitness offers various videos to get you healthy and fit! This workout is great for all levels, but she have more intense ones for those that desire even more.

If your New Year’s resolution include getting fit, then this is the perfect place to start!