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Cowgirl Hotlist

Some places are well-known for their dense horse populations. You can find gorgeous farms on every corner! Not to mention, there are plenty of shows, trails, and tack stores. They have thriving horse communities! Basically, these cities are paradise. You may be surprised to see some of these listed…

Top Equestrian Places

10. Rancho Santa Fe, California On the outskirts of San Diego, this city features beautiful weather. You can ride 9+ months out of the year! Furthermore, a sandy beach makes it the perfect riding destination. 9. Nashville, Tennessee This Tennessee city may be known for music, but it also has a thriving horse culture. You might be surprised to hear Nashville hosts the annual Iroquois Steeplechase race with over 25,000 spectators a year. 8. Woodstock, Vermont Filled with equestrian activity, Woodstock is a charming place to visit or live! You’ll find tons of horse-related events throughout the year, including a winter sleigh rally. 7. Middleburg, Virginia Small but impressive, Middleburg is home to a few famous riders like Elizabeth Taylor. Lush fields, stone walls, and mild weather make it the perfect equestrian paradise. Don’t forget to check out the oldest horse show in America, the Upperville Colt and Horse Show. 6. Aspen, Colorado Travel out west to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. In Aspen, trail riders can experience scenery like no where else in the world! 5. Southern Pines, North Carolina Sandy footing and warm weather make this city a favorite! You can enjoy over 900 acres and plenty of trails at The Carolina Horse Park. 4. Wellington, Florida Famous for its events, Wellington is well-love by the horse community. It hosts the National Horse Show and the Winter Equestrian Festival. 3. Ocala, Florida Florida is a hot spot for horse riders! Ocala has a thriving community of year-round equestrians. There are over 1,200 horse farms. Some even call this city the ‘Horse Capitol of the World’. 2. Lexington, Kentucky Stunning scenery can be found in this Bluegrass region. Lexington is home to the Kentucky Horse Park. This area has also produced many champion Thoroughbreds. 1. Woodside, California This small, wealthy town has a thriving horse community. There’s an elaborate trail system that weaves throughout the whole area. Horse owners will enjoy year-round riding with the balmy weather. If you’re looking for a horse-friendly city, then add these to your list. They won’t disappoint! Don’t forget to check out ‘A Bucket List For Horse Lovers‘!