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As a cowgirl you wear many titles: leader, coordinator, athlete, and caretaker. The Cowgirl way of life knows no limits. Whether that be riding out on the ranch, turning the perfect barrel, or sorting a set of cattle. So when you need to keep your livelihood, family, and livestock feeling their best, you need the best tools available. That’s where Equine Hemp Solutions comes in. 

At Equine Hemp Solutions we want to set that standard nothing short of excellent, which is why we’ve developed a line of unique equine products to ensure that owners have an option to keep their horses and themselves in top condition, the natural way. We carry a variety of products designed to promote and support overall well-being and provide comfort when and where you need it. Our HempFlavin is a great alternative remedy to using bute or banamine that is easy to give and promotes gut health. Additionally, we provide supplements from pellets, topicals, salves, premium hemp bedding, and more.

Barrel racing futurity trainer Leslie Willis says, “I have been using equine hemp solutions since last summer, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the products. I use the Performance Plus Powder daily and it just seems to take their anxiety away and helps them focus!” 

We have also seen our products be a factor in saving the lives of horses from colic. Jordan Sodrel, athlete/competitor, told us about her and her horse’s experience with colic in her barn. “Recently, my favorite boy “Flashy” had colic out of nowhere. We gave him Banamine, constantly walked him, and it wasn’t working. We made an appointment at our closest surgery center, which is 2 hours away. I knew he wouldn’t make it there. Then I thought about the HempFlavin we had, and we immediately gave it to him. Within 5 minutes he was walking around, bright eyed, and comfortable. I have no doubt this saved his life!” “We also had a wild 3 yr old that we could not get trained. She was super cowy, but she had so much trouble focusing. We put her on the daily Equine Hemp, and within a week she was a completely different horse. We ended being able to small futurity her in August and she won money at her first show!”

With safe, effective, and easy to use alternative products that Equine Hemp Solutions has to offer, cowgirls from all backgrounds and disciplines can ensure that their equine athletes are in peak condition. Afterall, cowgirls and their horses deserve the best.