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The Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, also known as KESMARC, supports the healing and fitness of horse athletes. They have a top-notch facility with services to meet a variety of needs. Some horses come for recovery, whereas others are there for conditioning.

What is equine rehabilitation?

Horses with injuries and other physical aliments can receive services to heal and support their bodies. These equine athletes will enjoy benefits, such as conditioning without stressing the joints and tendons, increased blood circulation, better range of movement, and improved attitude.

The methods extend past the usual stall rest and involve innovative therapies. Some would compare these services to physical therapy for a person.

What kind of services are offered at KESMARC?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, swimming pool, Aquatred, indoor jogging track, Thera-Plate platform, cold saltwater spa, Flexineb, Bemer, and skilled veterinary consultation. The center treats a range of breeds and disciplines.

You can see some of the services in action with this Thoroughbred Daily News’ video.

How incredible! There are so many unique and exciting rehabilitation and water therapies to try for horses.