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Most riders rely on equine specialists to keep their horses healthy and happy. These professionals ensure your horse is feeling their best on the inside and out. They’ve likely undergone extensive training in order to offer their services. Some you’ll see on a regular basis, while others every few years or so.

Different Equine Specialists

Veterinarian: An equine vet specializes in the care of large animals. They diagnose and treat your horse, as well as offer preventive care. It’s recommended to find a veterinarian before your horse experiences an emergency. A wellness check and annual vaccines are a good place to start!

Farrier: A farrier specializes in equine hoof care. Most come out to your barn every 6 to 8 weeks to trim, balance, and if necessary, place shoes on your horse.

Trainer: Whether you have a young horse, a difficult one, or need some fine-tuning help, a horse trainer is a great person to enlist. They work toward helping your horse become respectful and skilled in a discipline.

Dentist: These individuals focus on the oral health of horses. They can assist with problems like difficulty chewing, but also offer regular maintenance services like floating.

Saddle Fitter: Every horse is shaped differently. A saddle fitter takes measurements of the horse’s back and finds a properly fitting saddle for them. Many also make repairs and adjustments to existing tack.

Massage Therapist: These equine specialists use massage techniques to stimulate blood flow throughout your horse’s body. Ultimately, they can help your horse move more freely and reduce painful areas.

As you can see, there’s quite the range of specialists that treat and assist with the health and well-being of your horse.