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Photos by Natia Cinco.……

Taking inspiration from the bluegrass music she’d studied and played in the past and the pop and rock music she grew up singing, Erinn Peet Lukes‘ new single is one every woman can relate to. We have a special first look at “Dime a Dozen,” which releases today!

“I wrote this short song in about 10 minutes, after I received a text from someone I used to date who ghosted me,” she recalls. “I knew he wasn’t checking in on me because he cared about me, so when he said, “I just care about your music,” I lost it. I told him he didn’t care about my music or my heart.”

The encounter left Erinn so mad that when she sat down with her guitar, “Dime a Dozen” came out like a song in a musical. Direct, conversational, and dramatic.

Get “Dime a Dozen” here!

Her lilting vocals, vivid songwriting, bluegrass-style flatpick guitar playing, and singable hooks are truly enchanting and we are so excited for her upcoming EP, EPL.

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