Barn Chores

There are some barn chores that are absolutely necessary! Your horse’s health and well-being will be at jeopardy if you decide to skip on these. By completing them, your barn will a safe spot for your horse to rest and eat comfortably. Create a checklist and get in the habit of doing these chores everyday!

Top 5 Essential Barn Chores

1. Clean Those Stalls

If you choose to utilize a stall for your horse, then make sure it is cleaned daily. Manure and urine can attract flies, become smelly, and act as the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Your horse’s bedding should be clean and fresh everyday! Additionally, those that use smaller dry lots should consistently pick up manure (though everyday isn’t always necessary).

2. Fresh Food and Water

Clean drinking water is essential both in and out of the barn! Make sure you’re scrubbing those buckets. In addition to staying hydrated, your horse will need hay if they’re stalled. A slow feeding hay net can make their hay last longer. Get into the habit of checking your horse’s hay over before you feed it. You’ll want to look for dust, mold, and strings.

3. Sweep the Aisle

A tidy barn is safer for your horse! Sweeping up should be added to your daily barn chore checklist. You’ll want to clean up loose hay, dirt, spilled grain, and any foreign materials. This will make it safer for your horse to walk through the aisle. Furthermore, rodents won’t be as attracted to your barn.

4. Check Over Each Horse

Get into the habit of checking over your horse when you bring them in and turn them out. You’ll want to look for cuts, swelling, and abnormal behavior.

5. Stock Up

While this essential barn chore doesn’t have to be completed everyday, it should be done once a week. Go through your feed, supplements, hay, shavings, and other supplies to ensure you have enough.

These chores are simple and easy to do! Once you get the habit of doing them, you won’t have to think twice about it.

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