What’s old is new again. The evolution of cowgirl fashion inevitably pays tribute to the past. Take a rollicking ride through the ages to see what’s stuck around and has only gotten better with age!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Odell Barn Coat $410, Vintage Belt $250, Beatrice Hat $560, Double D Ranch, Eloise Collection, 2022. Elizabeth Taylor, from the film Giant, 1955.

Denim Done Right

Remember Rockies?

Vintage Wrangler and Rockies advertisements; Goldie Hawn in denim on the cover of Rolling Stone.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Wrangler striped denim, Georgia May Jagger in Wrangler, Wrangler cowgirl, Shaley Ham’s Rock & Roll Denim line; Cruel Denim; Hard Times Skirt, Double D Ranch.

Fringe Benefits

There has always been fringe in the world of cowgirl fashion. Early Native Americans perfected the age-old design that has carried timelessly through the fashion palates of cowgirls worldwide.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Vintage Cowgirl Vera McGinnis; Pan Am Airlines advertisement; Dale Evans; Kiowa women, 1899.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Double D Ranch; Kacey Musgraves; Brit West; Idyllwind; COWGIRL fashion; Miranda Lambert.

Hat Tricks

A fashion statement always on top

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Jewel; vintage 1950s cowgirl; supermodel, Jerry Hall; vintage rodeo cowgirls; Annie Oakley.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Stetson; Double D Ranch; Charlie 1 Horse Hats; Greeley Hat Works; Charlie 1 Horse Hats.