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Your horse’s back is extremely important. It’s essential you protect and work to strengthen it. There are simple exercises that can help your horse become toned and stronger in that area. This will extend their riding career and ensure they’re comfortable carrying your weight.

Exercises for a Stronger Back

Dr. Emma Poole from Foundation Equine Clinic offers a tutorial on how to get your horse to engage their back, neck, and pelvis muscles. The exercises are simple and only require a few minutes each day.

For the back, you’ll want to push up on their belly a few hands behind the girth area. This encourages the horse to round their back. Your horse only has to hold it for a few seconds.

Next, you’re looking for the dimples behind the horse on their hindquarters. Gently scratch the area until they tilt their pelvis.

Lastly, you can stretch the neck by using a treat. Ask your horse to bring their nose around to their belly, and then between their knees.

Watch this video tutorial for more information.

You can also strengthen their back under saddle.