Expectations Spring

Expectations Spring

Nearly all riders are guilty of having expectations for their perfect trip to the barn. It’s so easy to picture what a pleasant visit you’ll have with your horse, but in reality things usually don’t go as planned. With winter ending, you may be daydreaming about spring and warmer weather. Keep your expectations in check though!

1) Expectation: Lush, green pastures for your horse to roam in. They have all the food they could eat.

  • Reality: Don’t give away the hay just yet! Spring is a very wet season. You’ll likely run into some mud. Better start thinking about field management!

2) Expectation: The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping!

3) Expectation: It’s show season! Time to get excited.

  • Reality: Kiss your paychecks goodbye. Showing will take all your money.

4) Expectation: No more woolly horses. Your horse will be sleek!

  • Reality: They’re only sleek and shiny because you’re covered in all their hair from the hours of deshedding you had to do.

5) Expectation: Spring is the best time of year to ride. The weather is perfect!

  • Reality: Your horse is also enjoying the weather, as they buck and leap around. Better hang on tight; they’re feeling fresh!

It’s true, even I’m looking forward to spring! However, don’t forget the reality of the season.