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Right next to the Cowtown Coliseum, is an exhibit intimately portraying the details of John Wayne’s life.

John Wayne: An American Experience” is a must stop for anyone traveling in the Fort Worth area.

Their website reads, “Sprawling over 10,000 square feet, the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit is structured to give you an intimate tour of the life of John Wayne. Starting with his early childhood and career, each room highlights an aspect of The Duke’s legacy.”

Up close and in person, you can see his famous wardrobe!

The exhibit brings John Wayne back to life for you to experience! Viewers will leave with a new understanding of his work ethic as an actor, his love for America and his impact in this world. A true once in a lifetime opportunity!

Plus, you can end the tour with a picture of you, The Duke, and Dean Martin! Who can say no to that!?