Cowgirls are always on the search for high quality, custom leather products, such as chaps, belts, vests, etc. Denice Langley, owner of Denice Langley Custom Leather, realized that there was still a gap in the market for one of a kind leather goods such as chaps, “There have been many equestrian events in my lifetime. Most recently cutting, and when it seemed too hard for me to find or afford a pair of cutting chaps that would truly show my originality I bought a small industrial sewing machine instead.  At 40, guess you could say, the rest is history.”

Denice has taken it upon herself to provide cowgirls with the originality they search for; she understands that each customer that walks into her shop has their own unique look that they’d like to represent, which is why she enjoys crossing style boundaries and being innovative with her designs.

“As for my theory on design. My personal taste is not as boldly western as most leather workers.  My goal is to bridge the gap between designer and western.  A slightly less expected approach to leather and silver work that hopefully doesn’t scream western but subtly hints at it.”

In addition to all of the beautiful pieces Denice makes by hand for cowgirls, she also makes beautiful leather halters for horses, like the bronc halter pictured below.

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