One of our main products in our beauty regime is mascara. We all want our eyelashes to look full and voluminous, right? Enter eyelash extensions: the new way to make your eyelashes look naturally full without even having to apply mascara every day. They’re just like hair extensions, but for your eyelashes. If you’re on the fence about getting them or want to more info before committing, read on to find out what you need to know, the dos, and the don’ts.


  • Find a salon that specializes in eyelash extensions: Read reviews on Yelp about the salon(s) you’re thinking of going to and talk to friends who have had eyelashes extensions and find out if they liked the technician who put them on for them.
  • Make sure the glue that is used isn’t going to interfere with your contact lenses: It’s a safe bet to confirm with your eye doctor as he may have some suggestions as to what kind of glue is best is this situation.
  • Your eyelash technician will tell you how to care for your new eyelash extensions. Make sure to listen to everything and not brush off anything.
  • Take length into consideration. You don’t want to go too long because that can irritate your eyes and look a bit ridiculous and fake. Your eyelash technician should give you an idea of how long to go.
  • Apply eye cream as far away from eyelashes as possible. Any extra oils or moisture can mess with the adhesive in the glue that holds your eyelashes extensions. Keep this in mind for moisturizes, makeup remover, eyeshadow and foundation, as well.
  • Brush your lashes daily so that they keep tangle-free and don’t get bent.


  • Keep from rubbing your eyes, pulling or tugging. Sometimes it’s a habit and sometimes you just have a bad case of allergies. We know it’s hard not to rub your eyes at times, but it’s very important you don’t otherwise you risk pulling out your eyelash extensions.
  • Keep your new eyelashes dry for at least 12-24 hours after application. This helps lengthen the lifespan of them.
  • Maintain your own natural lashes. Just because you have these new, fabulous, lush eyelashes, don’t forget about your very own. Use a conditioned serum available at a salon that does eyelash extensions.
  • Never try to remove your eyelash extensions yourself. They must be removed by an eyelash technician or you can damage your very own.