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You won’t find a Brumby in Colorado or Montana! These feral horses are only in Australia. Their history dates far back to early European settlers. Some of their horses escaped or became lost, which created a free-roaming population. These wild horses have quite a bit of controversy that surrounds them though!

Brumby Horses

  1. The descendants of Brumbies include Thoroughbreds, Timor ponies, draft types, among other British native breeds. Some of them were released, while others escaped. Because they’re made up of different types, the modern Brumby horse comes in all sizes and colors.
  2. Over the years, their population sizes have grown considerably. They have no natural predators, though droughts and parasites can weaken herds. It’s said that their numbers increase by 20% each year.
  3. They have been labeled as environmental pests by some. Their large numbers trample vegetation, compact soil, and damage bog habitats. They’ve also been known to reduce the richness of plant species with their selective grazing habits.
  4. Some of them have been captured and tamed. The Australian Brumby Horse Registry hosts shows for members to compete in. Many have also been used as stock horses on ranches.
  5. They’re part of the culture and have appeared in famous books and poems. This breed has even appeared as an emblem for the rugby team ACT Brumbies.

With their fascinating history and diverse appearances, these wild horses are something special!