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The Canadian Horse has contributed to the development of Canada. They’re well-recognized and loved by the people of this nation. In fact, these horses were declared the national breed of the country and even given an official animal symbol. They have a unique history and continue to amaze the horse community with their beauty and athleticism.

Canadian Horse Facts

  1. These horses arrived to Canada in 1665 by King Louis XIV. Only the hardest of them survived these pioneer days! This led to their nickname “little iron horse”.
  2. Most Canadian horses are dark in color, including black, bay, and brown hues. A few come in chestnut and/or hold the creme gene. On average, they stand 14 to 16.2 hands high. Many equestrians comment on their striking beauty!
  3. They’re extremely versatile. Most are used for riding or driving. They compete in almost every discipline out there! This breed also makes for a great trail horse.
  4. These heritage horses are very hardy! Most would be considered easy-keepers. Their hooves are usually tough and they grow thick coats in the winter.
  5. This breed is considered rare. Their numbers are small with only 5,000 to 6,000 recorded. New registrations only include around 200 a year.

You can find more information about Canadian horses at the Canadian Horse Breeders Association (CHBA).

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