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It’s not everyday you see a cremello horse! This color is a sight to be seen. The gorgeous cream coat and icy blue eyes give them a fairy tale appearance. Some even call them unicorns. How is this color produced and what breeds come in it? Find out this and more!

Facts About Cremellos

  1. A cremello horse has a chestnut base with two cream genes, known as double diluted. If you took one of the cream genes away, you’d have a palomino horse.
  2. A range of breeds come in this color to include Quarter horses, Miniature horses, Lusitanos, and Saddlebreds to name a few.
  3. The cremello color is closely related to perlino. The main difference is the base color is bay in perlinos, instead of chestnut. These horse can look so similar that a DNA test may be necessary to find out the true color.
  4. These horses can experience sunburn easily and may need sun lotion or to be kept inside during the sunny parts of the day.
  5. They can be characterized as having a white mane and tail, pink skin, a cream to white body, and pale blue eyes.

This color is considered more rare, so when you see a cremello horse make sure to take in its beauty!