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The Pony of Americas (POA) is a breed that has stolen the hearts of many children and their parents. These beautiful ponies have bold coloring and sweet dispositions. Despite their smaller size, petite adults can enjoy them too! They’re quite fascinating and have a history as unique as their appearance. Let’s find out more!

The Pony Of Americas

  1. This breed was developed in Iowa. The foundation stallion, Black Hand, was an Arabian, Appaloosa, and Shetland pony cross. Nowadays, POAs have a lot of Arabian and Quarter Horse traits, but are infamously known for their Appaloosa coloring.
  2. The Pony of Americas Club was founded in 1954. Currently, this breed registry is one of the largest and most active clubs among youth riders. They offer various educational opportunities and events for children, adults, and families.
  3. Despite being known as a pony breed, they actually have small horse characteristics. POAs range from 11.2 to 14 hands. They have deep chests and well-sloped shoulders.
  4. To be registered, the pony must have loud markings that can be seen from 40 feet away. A leopard pattern with mottling around the eyes and muzzle is common. They may even have striped hooves. You can find out more about the various marking on the official breed website.
  5. The breed was mainly intended for western riding, though they have been successful in other areas. You can also see them competing in driving, endurance riding, and English disciplines.

One thing is for sure… with a Pony of Americas you’ll definitely stand out. These beautiful ponies sure are eye-catching! That’s just a bonus though. POAs calm and intelligent nature is their real selling point!