Determining the best bit for your horse can be difficult! There are so many different options from snaffle bits to curbs and Tom Thumbs. There’s a careful balance of being effective, but not too hard on your horse’s mouth. You may have to try a few variations to get the right one!

Facts About The Snaffle

  1. This bit comes in a lot of different variations, but generally they have a straight or jointed mouthpiece with rings on each end.
  2. Snaffle bits apply direct pressure to the bars of your horse’s mouth. There is no pressure to their head or any leverage like in a curb.
  3. Not all of them are mild, though some are. A thick mouthpiece is usually on the gentler side, while twisted wire is considered harsher.
  4. Most are crafted from stainless steel, sweet iron, or copper. Some are a combination of these materials. Those will copper are said to promote salivation for suppleness.
  5. When picking the right snaffle, consider the width, shape, and thickness. They should match your horse’s anatomy. One that is too small may pinch the tongue, but one that’s too large may bang against your horse’s teeth.

A mild snaffle is a good place to start an inexperienced horse or one that is new to you. Ask your trainer for help when deciding the best variation to try! Sometimes, it takes some experimenting to get it right.