Photo by: Living weten Three Countries……

The Tarpan was a rare and unique breed of wild horse! They have been extinct for quite some time now, but their legend lives on. A few breeders have tried to replicate these animals through various domestic horses. Unfortunately, there is no true Tarpan horse left in the world.

Facts About the Tarpan

  1. The name tarpan is derived from Turkish language. It means wild horse.
  2. The breed was found in many parts of the world at one point. They lived in western Europe, North America, Russia, Spain, Poland, and parts of France to name a few places. Traces of them can be found from the Pleistocene to the modern age.
  3. Their appearance has been reconstructed from archaeological data. They were dun or gray in color with dorsal stripes. Some have striping on their shoulders, as well. On average, they stood 55 to 57 inches tall.
  4. The last captive Tarpan died in 1909 at a Russian zoo. The last wild ones died roughly around 1875 to 1890.
  5. There has been a few attempts to breed a horse that resembles them. These horses may have a Tarpan look, but they aren’t genetically linked to the extinct breed.

It’s a shame that the breed no longer exists. It is fascinating to learn about them and their history though!