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You won’t want to miss the discipline of working equitation! It consists of three to four parts, which provides the horse and rider a chance to showcase their skills. It highlights traditional riding from around the world. It’s not only fun to watch, but even more exciting to try! All levels are welcomed.

Working Equitation Facts

  1. Four parts make up this discipline. They include dressage, ease of handling, speed trail, and cattle work. In competitions, riders start at intro or novice and work their way up to advance. Riders can also compete individually or on a team.
  2. Working equitation is open to any breed. The horse must be well trained, but movement isn’t as important. You might see Quarter horses, Haflingers, Welsh ponies, among others. The Lusitano horse is highly regarded in the sport though.
  3. In the ease of handling and speed trail, riders must maneuver through at least six obstacles. Some of them may be a bridge, small jump, and gate.
  4. The horse’s attitude is noticed. They must appear to being enjoying themself!
  5. In beginner levels, the horse should be ridden in a snaffle bit, but as they progress a curb is used.

Enjoy watching some of these obstacles you might encounter in working equitation.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out USA Working Equitation.