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Introducing a versatile, intelligent, and beautiful breed- the Azteca! These horses are a unique cross between an Andalusian or Lusitano with a Quarter Horse. This combination offers the best qualities of both horses. The athleticism and mind on Aztecas make them a worthy riding mount. They’re loved by many!

Facts About Aztecas

  1. This breed developed in Mexico around 1972. They crossed Andalusians, Quarter Horses, and Criollos (a breed from South America). Association Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca was established in 1992 to officially recognize the breed.
  2. With qualities from both Spanish and Quarter Horses, Aztecas have proven to be versatile. They’re brave and bold, yet friendly and manageable. They often have a natural cow sense and move gracefully in the arena.
  3. Most stand between 14.3 and 16 hands. They come in all solid colors, though gray is particularly common. White markings are only permitted on the face and lower legs within the Mexican registry.
  4. The breed is popular in English and western disciplines. They can do just about anything from dressage and jumping to trail riding and working equitation.
  5. They’re somewhat uncommon in the United States, though can be found. You should expect to pay at least a few thousand for a green horse and over $10,000 for a highly-trained individual.

The American Azteca Horse International Association is a great resource if you want to learn more about the breed.