At one point in time, draft horses were extremely popular. They were heavily used on farms due to their impressive size and strength. Nowadays, tractors have replaced most of the need for a working animal. However, that doesn’t mean draft horses have disappeared! You can find them pulling carts, being ridden, and still helping around the farm.

Check out these amazing facts about draft horses!

1. The largest and tallest horses in the world are drafts. In particular, Big Jake was almost 21 hands height! Talk about impressive. And Brooklyn Supreme weighed nearly 3,200 pounds. These definitely aren’t your average horses.

2. Clydesdales are one of the most well-recognized breeds in the world. Thanks to Budweiser, this breed receives a lot of attention. They have strict requirements though. The horses must be at least 18 hands and weigh 2,000 or more pounds.

3. Many draft horses have feathers on their legs. What are feathers? They’re long hairs that develop on the lower half of their legs. Clydesdales and Shires are known for having thick feathers, while Percherons and Belgians have much less.

4. They compete in a lot of different events! You might be surprised to find out that these horses can be seen competing in pulling contests, halter competitions, pleasure driving, and various riding classes.

5. Draft horses are prone to heat stress. They don’t dissipate heat from their muscles as good as other breeds. They’ll require more water and shade to stay hydrated and comfortable. Many draft owners install fans in their stalls and run-ins.

How neat are these facts! There’s so much to learn about this amazing type of horse.

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