Your may think your farrier’s only job is to hammer shoes onto your horse’s hooves, but that’s not quite right. They actually play a major role in the health and well-being of your horse. In general, most work with the lower limbs and hoof areas. This fascinating equine career is very lucrative. It’s definitely worth learning about!

  1. Income continues to increase each year for farriers. A full-time worker can expect around $102,000, while a part-time one earns roughly $26,000.
  2. Safety is very important! In fact, only 32% like to work alone. The vast majority prefer to have assistance.
  3. No one likes to wait around for owners… 43% of farriers will wait 11-15 minutes for an appointment before giving up on a no-show horse owner.
  4. 32% are willing to travel 51-100 miles to shoe horses for a client.
  5. On average, 38% pull a trailer with their supplies, while nearly 62% work out of a truck.
  6. Up to 18% off full-time farriers have no retirement plan.
  7. Most full-timers handle up to 339 different types of horses each year.
  8. On a weekly basis, a typical farrier tends to 32 horses and works 41 hours.
  9. Around 79% use radiographs of the hoof to further treat a horse.
  10. Laminitis is no stranger to farriers… roughly 69% deal with it monthly.

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