Flaxseed has been used by horse owners for quite a while now! It’s a valuable addition to your horse’s diet. Many feed companies recognize how useful it can be as a calories, fiber, and fat source. Find out why!

What is flaxseed? And what does it consists of?

Also known as flax or linseed, flaxseed is produced from the flax plant. Canada is the number one producer of this plant, due to its cool climate.

It contains roughly 40% fat, 30% fiber, and 20% protein. Furthermore, flax is one of the few vegetable sources that contains omega-3 fatty acids.

How can your horse benefit?

  • Improved skin
  • Better hair quality
  • Increased body condition
  • Lower excitability
  • Reduced reaction to seasonal allergies

How to feed flaxseed?

Ideally, it should be fed grounded. While it can be fed whole, the tough outer shell can cause digestibility trouble. The most nutrients are absorbed when it’s freshly grounded. Try not to soak or boil flax, as this can change its nutritional properties.

Gradually introduce this fat supplement over 3 to 5 days. Your horse can eat up to one pound daily without side effects.

Lastly, speak with your equine nutritionist to create a program that supports a healthy horse. Flaxseed may be the perfect addition!

A good example of flaxseed designed for horses.

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