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A combination of beauty, athleticism, and good temperament, the Hanoverian is an exceptional horse. You may be familiar with the breed, as they frequently appear in the Olympic Games. This warmblood has an interesting history that is worth learning about!

Facts About Hanoverians

  1. The Hanoverian breed was created nearly 300 years ago. They served as carriage and military horses. Breeding stock has always been carefully managed for conformation, athleticism, and disposition.
  2. American competitors discovered the breed’s talent and began importing them from Germany. The American Hanoverian Society was formed in 1978 to help with this purpose.
  3. In general, they range from 15-16 hands height. They’re known for their long necks, sloping shoulders, and medium-sized heads. The registry only accepts black, brown, grey, bay, and chestnut horses.
  4. Each registered horse is required to have an ‘H’ branded on their left hindquarter.
  5. This breed dominates in the dressage world, though you will find them competing in show jumping, eventing, and other disciplines.

If you’re looking for an exceptional riding partner, then the Hanoverian may be for you. They usually come at a higher price tag, but are well worth it!