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10 Facts About Life With Horses


10 Facts About Life With Horses The more you love horses, the more your life changes!

Facts Life Horses

There’s something special about horses!

The more you love horses, the more your life changes! You begin to see the world in a completely different way. Your thoughts drift to the barn, and you might even find yourself constantly talking about horses. Perhaps, these facts are all too true for you. Has your life been altered by a special horse?

1) You’d rather kiss your horse than a boy.

2) Your horse wears nicer shoes than you do.

3) If there’s mud, you can absolutely expect your horse to roll in it.

4) No hiding a carrot. As a matter of fact, no hiding any food!

5) Tack stores are way better than the mall.

6) You’d live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as long as your horse is well fed.

7) Barn life is HARD work, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

8) It’s easy to braid your horse’s mane and tail, but forget doing your own hair.

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How to make a Portuguese braid 🇵🇹🐴 (for long manes only) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▪️Before, damp the mane with a sponge to keep it easier to work with. ▪️Take three small sections of hair behind the ears and start making a reversed braid (with the sidepieces going under the middle instead of over). ▪️Each time you cross a strand from the maneside, add a new small section of hair to it. Pull and tighten the braid as you go to keep it neat and from sagging. ▪️Continue until you reach the end of the neck. I like to keep it a bit looser towards the withers to allow the horse to lower the head without any straining. Once you run out of mane, finish the braid and put an elastic. ▪️If your horse has a very thick mane it might be easier to split it by the middle and make one braid on each side. ▪️The braid will stay in better if it’s free from products, conditioners and so on. ▪️Remember, practice makes perfect! Feel free to ask any questions 🤗 #portuguesebraid #runningbraid #manebraid #braid #plait #horsebraids #braidingstyles #braiding #plaiting #lusitano #iberian #equestrianstyle

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9) Selfies are only good if a horse is in the picture.

10) There’s no better view than between your horse’s ears.

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