The Nokota horse has a long, unique history. This breed can trace its ancestry to the war ponies of Sitting Bull, a Native American chief who lived from 1831-1890. With many interesting characteristics that make them one of a kind, the Nokota horse is definitely worth learning about. Check out these fascinating facts!

1. This breed comes in many colors, but predominantly black, gray, overo, and roan. A good amount of them have striking blue eyes and bald faces.

Sitting Bull and his followers favored blue roan. Nokota horses have a very high rate of this rare color.

2. The name Nokota was formed from North and Dakota. They developed in the southwestern corner of North Dakota, specifically in the Little Missouri River Badlands.

3. The breed was first encountered by ranchers in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, Nokota horses were nearly wiped out when ranchers began to fight for livestock grazing land. A few bands managed to survive with the creation of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. However, the park saw the horses as nuisances. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the public demanded their safety.

4. Nokotas tend to be intelligent and have a high level of self-preservation. They’re very quick learners. When handled correctly, this breed is personable and easy-going.

5. The future of Nokota horses relies on the Nokota Horse Conservancy. This non-profit organization works to save and promote this rare American breed. They rely on public donations entirely.

Help preserve this unique breed by educating others about their amazing history and traits.