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Photo by: The Oldenburg Horse Breeders' Society……

The Oldenburg horse turns heads with their powerful built and stance. This impressive warmblood is commonly seen in the show jumping and dressage arena. They’re top performers and many have competed in the Olympics. Most people are not aware of their unique background though.

Facts About the Oldenburg Horse

  1. Bred in the 16th and 17th century, the Oldenburg was originally used as a carriage horse. Their high trot action and flashy body made them perfect for the job, especially since the area mostly had draft types. In fact, the Queen of Britain used them in her royal coach up until the 1960s.
  2. Though the breed mostly consists of solid colored horses like bay, chestnut, and black, there are a few pintos. The registry allows tobiano pintos.
  3. While not an actual rule, the Oldenburg Registry North America and International Sporthorse Registry strongly encourages breeders to name their colts with the same starting letter as their sires. Similarly, fillies should be named with the first letter of their dams’.
  4. It is a common practice to brand a foal or yearling upon inspection. They will receive an “O” or “S” with a crown.
  5. The breed is known for their natural curiosity. This can be helpful, but also get them into trouble. They may test boundaries!

The Oldenburg is such an interesting breed! Their solid built and work ethic allow them to perform in a variety of disciplines.