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Fashion is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Trends evolve and shift, transitioning gradually from one style to the next rather than leaping to something completely new. Based on today’s trends, we can predict that Fall 2020 will be a style throwback; get ready for Western-retro.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen vintage styles return in the Western industry, from oversized sweatshirts to high-waisted shorts to bell bottoms.

This year, specifically, came the resurgence of Rockies and vintage denim, smile pockets, ’70’s silhouettes, and vintage-inspired patterns.

Now, several brands are revealing their Summer II and Fall I collections. So far, we’ve seen even more signs that fall will be Western-retro, from prints to bells.

And it’s not just apparel. In honor of its 20th anniversary, Old Gringo Boots has a 2020 retro capsule collection made up of recreated styles from the OG vault.

Get ready, ladies. It’s about to get Western-retro.