A new season means changes are happening at your horse farm. Fall is a beautiful time of the year, but it also presents some difficulties. Make sure you and your horse are ready for this cooler season by completing this checklist.

Fall Checklist

The Barn

  • Stock up on hay for the winter
  • Check your fields for broken fences, toxic plants, and branches
  • Insulate your pipes

The Horse

  • Rate your horse’s body score
  • Supplement with additional hay, if necessary
  • Deworm your horse
  • Purchase a waterproof sheet for those cold, rainy days
  • Perform regular health maintenance like floating teeth and sheath cleaning
  • Schedule fall vaccinations
  • Wash/pack away fly sheets and mask
  • Get winter blankets ready

Riding in Fall

  • Adjust riding schedule to account for loss of daylight
  • Be aware of hunting laws. You can find them out here: U.S. Fight and Wildlife Service.
  • Wear an orange vest when trail riding
  • Get winter riding clothes ready

Fall is a favorite of many. It offers scenic rides, cooler weather, and less bugs. This checklist will ensure you are ready to enjoy the season, rather than struggling through it.