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With pop-inspired melodies, witty lyrics, and powerhouse vocal delivery, Drachel brings her fresh take on classic country with her new single “Champagne and Roses”. We are so excited to share the new single with you, and we’ve got an exclusive first look before its release tomorrow!

Raised on 90’s country, Drachel was drawn to music at an early age. Growing up a dancer, she was no stranger to the stage and knew before grade school that she would be an entertainer. She wants to create music that empowers women to unapologetically embrace their femininity. She explains, “There’s such a stereotype, especially in country music, that it’s sexy to be “one of the guys.” I think we all really need to ask ourselves why that is—we should be proud to be women.”

“Champagne and Roses” was actually inspired by Drachel’s parents. “They were high school sweethearts, and have now been happily married for 25 years,” she says. “Growing up around that kind of love taught me never to settle for less than I deserve. Watching the way my dad treats my mom—that showed me how a gentleman should treat a lady.”

The song serves as a reminder to her that a fairytale kind of love really does exist. She wrote it over a year ago, as a single college girl, and says, “I had no idea then that I would meet the love of my life before the song came out, but the universe works in the most beautiful way.”

Even though it’s a cute and fun song with sort of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it has a really important message. “A successful relationship isn’t about how much money you spend; it’s just about making your partner feel loved,” Drachel explains. “Some nights it’s a rooftop bar, and others it’s a bubble bath and candles. It’s all about balance, but you can never go wrong with a bottle of Dom!”

Authenticity is the most important thing to Drachel. “I want my music to not only be a representation of where I’m at in my life, but also capture the universal experience of being a twenty-something that doesn’t quite have it together, but enjoys the process of getting there.”

Listen to “Champagne and Roses” here!

She is currently in the process of recording her first studio album, and we cannot wait to hear what else she releases in the future. Make sure you connect with Drachel, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!